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September 4, 2014 - George Meegan
The Longest Walk: The record of our world’s first crossing
of the entire Americas

Adventurer, lecturer, school reformer & world traveller.
He went from Tierra del Fuego, So. America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska,
19,019 miles, in 2,425 days...shot at, chased by a one-legged gaucho &
traversed impassable Darien Gap.
NYC Junto Newsletter
written by Iris Bell on June 29, 2014
* NEW  Junto meeting Thursday, August 7 
* NEW  Junto speakers through March 2015
* NEW  Lott: "Think Like a Freak," Victor: "Investing Secrets"
* NEW  NOTICE: March Junto will DEBATE on healthy diet
* NEW  Boston Tea Party Opera, Fringe Festival, 5 times in Aug. 
* NEW  "Undressed & not" art exhibit Tue., Aug. 12 -- Sat., 16
* NEW  NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sunday, Aug. 31, 3:00pm
* NEW  India's "untouchables" emancipated by capitalism
* NEW  Kindle player, free, smartphone, tablet, PC/Mac computer 
* NEW  "Atlas Shrugged, part three" movie, five items
* NEW  Understand how people think about politics
* NEW  Holzer's blog: Only people have rights...our Constitution
* NEW  Holzer's book: Ayn Rand explains Constitutional flaw
* NEW  "Republican Party's Civil War: Will freedom win?" Cato
* NEW  Since WWII U.S. hasn't an unambiguous military victory
* NEW  Bringing high school kids alive with debating
* NEW  Gene Epstein speaking in Bucharest in April
* NEW  "Inventing Freedom: English-speaking peoples" Hannan 
* NEW  Ayn Rand Institute think tank shapes policy issues 
* NEW  Items of interest...to read: Obj., novel, Rand, articles
* NEW  Medicine and Slavery: Dick Morris quotes Ayn Rand
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Junto focuses on free markets, Objectivism and investing.
It's a group that shares information, discusses current issues
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Thursday, August 7
Gene Epstein speaks about
The Piketty Phenomenon: 
What the popularity of 
"Capital in the Twenty-First Century" 
tells us about capitalism in the 21st century

Admission free -- no reservation necessary
* We'll socialize from 7:00pm to 7:30pm
* 7:30pm moderator, Gene Epstein calls first for announcements
    of things happening before the next Junto. Then he asks for
    other announcements and for people introducing themselves.
* The speaker begins promptly at 8:00pm.
* Most speakers will present their thoughts in several sections.
    Each section will have audience questions, discussions and
    rebuttal of the speaker's points.
* Discussions are intense but polite.
* The meeting will continue to 10:00pm or later.

General Society Library
20 West 44 St., between 5th and 6th Aves., NYC
near the Grand Central Terminal

* Junto meets on the first Thursday of every month
* Participation by all attendees is highly encouraged.
* 70 to 150 people attend most Juntos.

Gene Epstein speaks about -- The Piketty Phenomenon: 
What the popularity of "Capital in the Twenty-First Century" 
tells us about capitalism in the 21st century. 
   Excerpts from a comment on Piketty's book by Gene Epstein:
"A work that radically indicts our current economic system is
well worth writing. 'Capital in the Twenty-First Century' 
is not that book.
    "That's because Piketty makes no mention of crony capitalism
-- the unholy alliance between government and business -- 
which badly distorts the economy and leads to unjust inequalities 
of wealth and income, because they are outcomes of an unjust 
process. While capitalism is a system of profit and loss, 
businesses under crony capitalism are shielded from losses; 
the 2008-09 bailouts of Chrysler and GM are notorious examples.
    "Hunter Lewis, author of the excellent 'Crony Capitalism in 
America: 2008-2012,' also points out that Piketty's charting of 
the ups and downs of income returns to the top 10% correlates 
with central-bank-induced bubbles. These bubbles, Lewis 
explains, constituted "an explosion of crony capitalism as some 
rich people exploited all the new money, both on Wall Street 
and through connections with the government in Washington."
    "Piketty conjures up the naive image of capitalist businesses 
generating virtually risk-free income to their owners. Under crony 
capitalism, however, with government flooding the bond markets 
with low-risk IOUs, while expanding the list of businesses too 
big to fail, there is indeed greatly enhanced potential to turn 
capitalist winnings into steady streams of income for the cronies. 
    "And to the extent that Piketty is right to say that capitalist 
riches provide the wealthy with disproportionate power in 
politics, one obvious solution is to shrink government influence, 
thus reducing the capitalists to their classically humble role of 
having to sell us goods and services we choose to buy. But 
Piketty would march us in the opposite direction, expanding 
government's reach."
    Epstein is Junto's moderator, the economics editor and books 
editor of the Barron's weekly business magazine and author of 
"Econospinning: How to read between the lines when the media 
manipulate the numbers:" www.tiny.cc/Econo

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Junto's founder and host is Victor Niederhoffer.
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Come to Junto, meet these upcoming speakers:

September 4    George Meegan "The Longest Walk: The record 
of our world's first crossing of the entire Americas." Adventurer,
lecturer, school reformer and world traveler. He went from
Tierra del Fuego, South America to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 
19,019 miles, in 2,425 days...shot at, chased by a one-legged 
gaucho, walked impassable Darien Gap. www.bit.ly/GMeegan

October 2    Peter Schuck "Why Government Fails So Often -- 
and how it can do better." Yale law professor. From healthcare 
to workplace conduct, the federal government manages more of 
our lives. The consequence is a threat to government legitimacy. 
Examples of how to right the foundering ship of state. 
Information and his visit to The Daily Show: www.bit.ly/Schuck

November 6    Bryan Caplan "Is college worth it?" Professor 
economics George Mason University. His next book "The Case 
Against Education." He blogs at EconLog: www.tiny.cc/EconB

December 4    Donald J. Boudreaux "Half-Wits and Hypocrites:
2013-2014." Senior fellow Mercatus Center, and professor
economics George Mason University chair, study of free market 
capitalism, Mercatus Center. Specializes globalization and trade, 
law and economics, and antitrust economics. He blogs daily at: 
www.CafeHayek.com. He's on Stossel talking to students about 
economics: www.tiny.cc/econStossel

January 1, 2015    Stephen Harner: "Myths and Realities of 
China's Role in Asia and of the Pivot to Asia by the U.S." 
Former U.S. foreign service officer, Beijing, D.C., Hong Kong 
and Tokyo. Successful career in Asian-based banking. His 
Forbes blog is Whither Japan: www.tiny.cc/Harner

February 5, 2015    Benjamin W. Powell, speaking about his book,
"Out of Poverty: Sweatshops in the global economy." Director
Free Market Institute at the Texas Tech University and senior 
fellow at the Independent Institute, a libertarian think tank. 
a celebration of Ayn Rand's 110th birthday.

March 5, 2015    Nina Teicholz & John Mackey will DEBATE:
"An animal foods/low-carb centered diet is unhealthy 
compared with a 90+% plant-based diet that 
excludes sugar and refined grain products."
    Teicholz will take the negative and Mackey will take 
the affirmative.
    Teicholz is the author of "The Big Fat Surprise: 
Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet." 
    She's an investigative journalist who's written for Gourmet, 
The New Yorker, The Economist and The New York Times. 
She's reported for National Public Radio.
    Mackey is working on a book about healthy diet. He spoke 
at Junto in June 2013. He's co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. 
    His stores often have Dr. Fuhrman's Nutrient Density numbers 
on items on the salad bar. Furhman says 90% of the daily diet 
should be nutrient rich plant foods: www.tiny.cc/DrF  
And here's Whole Food Market's site for healthy eating: 

John Lott on " Think Like a Freak" & Victor on "Investing Secrets"
    These two book reviews are in this one issue of Barron's.
Lott, a Junto speaker, writes that "the fun quotient is ultimately 
diminished by the fact that their stock in trade is naive economics."
    Victor Niederhoffer, Junto sponsor, writes of "Investing 
Secrets: The master of money flows" -- "In this timeless and 
thought-provoking tome, market trader and analyst Laszlo 
Birinyi reveals some of his greatest successes and most
celebrated techniques."
    Read all of both reviews here: www.tiny.cc/LottAndVictor 

NOTICE: March Junto will DEBATE about what's a healthy diet
    Nina Teicholz and John Mackey will debate this: 
"An animal foods/low-carb centered diet is unhealthy 
compared with a 90+% plant-based diet that 
excludes sugar and refined grain products."
    Teicholz will take the negative and Mackey will take 
the affirmative.
    Teicholz is the author of "The Big Fat Surprise: 
Why Butter, Meat & Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet." 
    Mackey is working on a book about healthy diet. He spoke 
at Junto in June 2013. He's co-CEO of Whole Foods Market. 
    His stores often have Dr. Fuhrman's Nutrient Density numbers 
on items on the salad bar. Furhman says 90% of the daily diet 
should be nutrient rich plant foods: www.tiny.cc/DrF  
And here's Whole Food Market's site for healthy eating: 
Boston Tea Party Opera at Fringe Festival, five times in Aug. 
    Parts of this opera has been sung at Junto. World premiere 
is at the New York International Fringe Festival. 
    * Sat., Aug. 9, 8:15pm 
    * Wed., Aug. 13, 4:15pm, talk-back after performance
    * Sat., Aug. 16, noon 
    * Mon., Aug. 18, 4:45pm 
    * Fri., Aug. 22, 5:15pm
Venue #13 at the Sheen Center, 
The Loretto, 18 Bleecker at Elizabeth
    New love blooms -- and old loyalty dies, as Sam Adams 
leads a rebellion against an empire's high taxes, 
heavy-handedness and invasions of privacy. A mythic, 
modern version of the moment Americans discovered 
their identity as a people. 
    This work of art is to educate and motivate people to 
support human greatness -- to advance reason, moral heroism 
and political freedom. Three and a half hours.
    Order tickets: www.tiny.cc/OperaTea

"Undressed & not" art exhibit Tue., Aug. 12 through Sat., 16
    Ilene Skeen, who's often at Junto, is having an her third 
invitational members show. It's an exhibit of works by 21 artists.
    Reception Thu., Aug. 14, 6:00pm through 8:00pm.
Hours daily 11:00am through 6:00pm.
    Barebrush.com at NoHo Gallery, Chelsea
530 West 25 Street, 4th floor
between 10th & 11th Streets, steps from the High Line park

NYC Ayn Rand Meetup, Sunday, Aug. 31, 3:00pm
    As always, we'll talk about Ayn Rand, her works, challenges,
Objectivist life, options, associations and knowledge.
    Give and take, open to all, no charge, no reservations.
It's on the last Sunday of each month.
    It's at The Midtown Restaurant, 155 East 55 Street, between
3rd and Lexington Avenues, mid-block on the north side
of 55th Street, in Manhattan, free.
    There are usually about two dozen people at each Meetup.
Benny Pollack, Ayn Rand Meetup organizer, says: "Join our
group of regular Objectivists for a lively discussion on topics
related to Ayn Rand and Objectivist philosophy in general.
    "Please join us. If you are already versed in the topic, want
to learn or just want to spend an intellectually stimulating
afternoon, please come. I hope to see you all there."
    Get up-to-date info: www.AynRand.meetup.com/8

India's "untouchables" are being emancipated by capitalism
     Devesh Kapur in Financial Times appreciates the changes.
I've read for decades that Indian law has ended castes but it
hasn't made a difference. Now the culture has changed:
    "....Economic statistics show that hundreds of millions 
are being lifted out of poverty. Below the surface, the social 
changes are even more profound.
    "Among the most striking beneficiaries are India's Dalits 
(previously known as the "untouchables"), who for centuries 
were victimised by one of the most hierarchical societies in the 
world. Capitalism's role in erasing this stain on Indian society 
is comparable to the contribution it made to curtailing slavery, 
serfdom, feudalism and patriarchy in the west.
    "Since India underwent market-based reforms in the early 
1990s, Dalits have advanced their economic lives....They are 
no longer confined to their own parallel economy, but buy
from the same merchants and sell to the same customers 
as everyone else....
    "And the Dalit community is producing its own capitalists, 
too -- entrepreneurs who are profiting from opportunities in 
everything from construction to healthcare to education. In 
a growing economy that is open to all, fortune rewards those 
with grit, ambition, drive and hustle...." 
    To bad this author thinks India and the U.S. have capitalism, 
and that it's responsible for the crises brought on by their 
mixed economies: www.tiny.cc/Dalits

Kindle player free for smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer 
    There are many Kindle books mentioned in this newsletter.
You can read them now, no Kindle device required. Download 
a free Kindle app to start reading Kindle books.
    Get a free Kindle reader for Apple, Android, Samsung, 
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also a Kindle Cloud Reader to read ebooks instantly in your 
web browser, even on a Linux computer.
    Many Kindle books cost $1 and $2, over 1.3 million are 
$4.99 or less, over 2 million are $9.99 or less, over 2.5 million 
are free. Over a half million books are exclusive to the Kindle. 
    Go here to begin reading Kindle books instantly: 
"Atlas Shrugged, part three" movie, five items of interest
  * Review of preview at FreedomFest, July 9, by Stephen Cox. 
"Not bad. Very good in many parts...In the tricky role of John 
Galt we have Kristoffer Polaha, who looks exactly like the dark, 
hunky, American boy you'd see in a truck commercial. Odd, but 
it's possible and he makes it work. He even has a sense of humor....
The screenplay is more than competent, although strong deductions 
must be made for the overuse of a voiceover telling you what's been 
happening to the country while the main characters are having their 
conversations and love affairs. The device is obviously appropriate 
for a story of this length and complexity...[Of Galt's speech, David 
Kelly says they're dropping] from the speech what wasn't 
foreshadowed in the movie.' In other words, by cutting what 
wasn't directly relevant to the action. Fine with me...." 
  * "History of the Atlas Shrugged Movie Trilogy" Kindle only
book. Do you know who Ayn Rand thought would make a good 
Dagny? Get the answers to many question, plus a history of
early Objectivism with many links and learn of the steps leading 
to the making of the film, by associate producer Joan Carter. 
74 page, $4.99, Kindle book: www.tiny.cc/AtlasHistory
  * David Kelley's radio interview, he's written some of the more 
philosophical parts of the films: www.tiny.cc/GaltS
  * Trailer with words from Galt's speech: www.tiny.cc/GaltS
  * David Kelley talks about John Galt's speech. In the novel 
the speech is 33,000 words. In the movie it's a bit over 600 
words: www.tiny.cc/gSpeech

Understand how people think about politics
    I like this way of thinking about my ideas and others. It's
clarified my thoughts after just listening to this first short blog.
    Diana Hsieh's podcast "Philosophy in Action Radio" asks: 
"How many times have you been in political discussions...you're 
talking past one another? You'll make points they consider 
irrelevant...they'll focus on issues you consider nonessential. 
    "Such problems can be overcome, at least in part, using 
Arnold Kling's concept of "The Three Languages of Politics." 
    "Paul Hsieh explains how...3 vastly different metaphors in 
political discussions...create unintentional misunderstandings 
and miscommunications." 
    In Kling's short book "The Three Languages of Politics" he 
hypothesizes three polarized axes of thought:
* Oppressor/oppressed [naturally preferred by progressives]
* Civilization/barbarism [naturally preferred by conservatives]
* Freedom/coercion [naturally preferred by libertarians].
    I'm grateful for having the Hsieh's point out that within each 
axes a person will think they've played their trump card, proven 
their argument. Then they'll wonder why it didn't convince. It's 
because the other person is thinking along a different axes. 
    The Hsieh's clearly explain Kling's idea: www.tiny.cc/ThreeH
On another podcast, EconTalk, Kling, an economist and blogger, 
talks about the ideas in his book with host Russ Roberts. 
    Kling says each group has their own language and way 
of looking at the world which don't overlap. Each group can
demonize the others, resulting in intolerance and incivility. 
    An example from an Amazon review of the book: 
"Even...with an issue about which we would all agree, the three 
different axes still produce discord. The holocaust, for example. 
    "Seen along the oppressor/oppressed axis it becomes a 
prime example of the evils of allowing anti-semitism. That 
is, the deliberate creation of an oppressed group.
    "Along the civilization/barbarism axis, it's a prime example of 
moral values collapsing when a nation's institutions are subverted. 
    "For freedom/coercion, it becomes an example of what goes 
wrong with unchecked state power. 
    "Despite agreeing on the evil, each solution is at cross purposes 
to the other and marks you for dismissal by those operating 
instinctively along a different axis."
    By understanding the language and mindset of others, 
Kling suggests we can understand why each group feels 
both misunderstood and morally superior to the other two: 
    The Kindle only book "The Three Languages of Politics," 
53 pages, $1.99: www.tiny.cc/ThreeBook

Holzer's blog: Only people have rights...about our Constitution
    Henry Mark Holzer writes "...Not only was the Tenth 
Amendment not intended to safeguard rights, not only does 
it say nothing about states' rights, not only is it clear beyond 
rational argument that the Amendment speaks only to power 
expressly delegated to Congress and other power expressly 
reserved to the states, but states do not have rights. Only 
individuals have rights...." 
    Read the whole essay here: www.tiny.cc/Rights

Holzer's book: Ayn Rand's explains a Constitutional flaw
    "The American Constitution and Ayn Rand's 'Inner 
Contradiction' " Henry Mark Holzer is especially interesting 
in the opening section where he gives a brief description of 
events prior to the revolution, through the conventions, up 
to the actions of chief justice Marshall. 
    It provides an overview of the Constitution's most important 
provisions as interpreted by the Supreme Court. And it
demonstrates something unknown to virtually all Americans: 
foundational to every political, social, economic and legal system 
are ethical principles, and that from our nation's earliest days to
the present there has been an ethical leitmotif running through
the Supreme Court's most important decisions affecting 
individual rights and limited government.
    "Employing and legitimizing the exercise of statist power, 
the Supreme Court of the U.S. has facilitated state legislatures 
and Congress in their sacrifice of individual rights to the
common good, and made a mockery of the Founders' creation 
of a limited government. But with a few notable exceptions 
there is hardly any knowledgeable, explicit and principled 
defense of our Constitution and Bill of Rights to be found 
anywhere....Nor, sadly, emanating from many Republicans,
Conservatives, and libertarians.... 
   "While many Tea Party activists and others, [fight] for core 
constitutional values, many of them are disarmed because 
they've been taught little about American constitutional law." 
    Kindle $2.99, paperback $11.10: www.tiny.cc/HolzerC

"Republican Party's Civil War: Will freedom win?" at Cato
    Tue., July 29, noon, author Edward Hudgins, director 
of advocacy and senior scholar, The Atlas Society, will be on a
panel at the Cato Institute. He believes a turn toward libertarian 
ideas and policies would bring the party philosophical coherence 
and sustained electoral success. 
    Hear the discussion live or later: www.tiny.cc/AtlasCato
The book, Kindle and paperback: www.tiny.cc/FreedomWinH

Since WWII the U.S. hasn't had an unambiguous military victory
    Henry Mark Holzer reviews a book which explains why we 
didn't win it in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and haven't
against our recent terrorist enemies: www.tiny.cc/Winning
Bringing high school kids alive with debating
    Amity Shlaes, Junto speaker, writes: "Most anyone can 
debate. I've watched timid teens who don't know how to say 
'protectionism' in the morning win a debate on the same subject 
in the afternoon. As in soccer, football, or sailing an Opti 
sailboat across a windy bay, competition in debate causes kids
 to forget their fears....
    "Watching 14-year-olds list the merits or demerits of F. V. 
Hayek, we realized that debate was an innovation as disruptive 
as any.... Attention, philanthropists: This is an efficient charity. 
Rather than waging the endless fight to deepen the high-school 
curriculum by forcing content upon reluctant teachers and 
unions, we were going around the schools. And delivering 
the same content easily and through sport, after school...."
    Read it at: www.tiny.cc/AliveOne & www.tiny.cc/AliveTwo
Gene Epstein, speaking in Bucharest in April
    "How to talk with a socialist about the free market." 
He writes: "Lovingly dedicated to the memory of my mom,
a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA."
www.tiny.cc/GeneFreeMkt & www.tiny.cc/GeneQandA
"Inventing Freedom: How the English-speaking peoples 
made the modern world" book by Daniel Hannan
    reviewed by Bruce Thornton 
"...Multiculturalists slander the West for its alleged crimes, they
praise and promote political and social ideals -- democracy, 
freedom, equality, and law-based justice -- that flourish only in 
the West. This cognitive dissonance is made possible by massive 
historical ignorance of just where such ideas originated and 
developed. The great value of [this book] lies in its recovery 
of that history, and the role that the 'Anglosphere,' the English-
speaking countries, played in recognizing and nurturing those 
ideals for over 1,500 years." More: www.tiny.cc/InventFreedom

Ayn Rand Institute think tank shapes debate on policy issues 
  * Obamacare's moral failure, "Nothing justifies treating people 
as if they are the servants of others. Universal coverage is 
immoral." See Rituparna Basu speak: www.tiny.cc/ObamaCareB 
  * Cultural debate over the (non-)issue of economic inequality: 
"The left is screaming that inequalities of wealth...are on the rise
...the right responds that the rise isn't so dramatic...Our view...
[ask] Why is such inequality even an issue?" 
  * Don Watkins's "End the Debt Draft" campaign and his book, 
"RooseveltCare: How Social Security is sabotaging the land of 
self-reliance," in which he writes: "The government has made 
promises in our name that we have no way to keep, and any 
attempt to try to keep them will mean robbing my generation 
and my daughter's generation of many of our hopes and dreams."
    Find each of these here: www.ari.AynRand.org
Items of interest...to read
  * "The Vision of Ayn Rand: The Basic Principles of 
Objectivism." Now available again, these are the 20 lectures 
which Ayn Rand OKed as a way of teaching Objectivism in 
the 1960s. Kindle $9.99: www.tiny.cc/ObjLectures
  * "Crosspoints: A novel of choice" by Alexandra York, in Kindle, 
also a paperback. Psychological thriller, richly drawn characters. 
What happens when your work & your love clash with your 
deepest values? My husband Paul just read it and enjoyed it, said 
it's well written. I'll read it next. Kindle $3.99: www.tiny.cc/Cross
  * "The Virtue of Selfishness" by Ayn Rand, 50th anniversary
Over 400,000 books were in print in its first 4 months. Now 
1.35 million have been sold. In 19 articles, a "New concept of
egoism" based on reason as man's means of survival and opposed 
to all forms of sacrifice. The Ayn Rand Institute will host talks, 
panel discussions and book giveaways: www.tiny.cc/selfVirtue
  * No. Korean's invasion of So. Korea, by Henry Mark Holzer. 
A free monograph on the conflict from June 1950 to July 1953, 
referred to as "Forgotten War." Few know who really started the 
Korean War, why conspirators engineered the attack, what was 
behind the U.S. response. Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Kim Il-sung 
and Truman all schemed, and we're living with the consequences: 
Read online: www.tiny.cc/Koreas
  * "Music keeps us alive inside," by Curtis Ellis in Huff Post.
Report on the film "Alive Inside," inspirational and a revelation. 
People suffering dementia radically improve when listening to their 
favorite music: www.tiny.cc/MusicAlive
  * Apple appeals ebook antitrust verdict, by Tom Bowden, ARI
If the appeal fails Apple will have to pay $450 million in 
"consumer relief." Just where's the injury here? Every purchaser 
of it paid exactly the price they chose...this is the peculiar evil 
of antitrust laws: www.tiny.cc/Antitrust

Medicine and Slavery: Dick Morris quotes Ayn Rand
    "I recently decided to read 'Atlas Shrugged' by Ayn Rand. 
As a liberal, I had never considered it & as a conservative, never 
gotten around to it. Last night, I read an eloquent statement by 
Dr. Hendricks, a character in the novel who was on strike and
refused to donate his services to State run medicine. It is worth 
pondering today. It echoes the cri de coeur of every doctor 
in America:
    " 'I quit when medicine was placed under State control some 
years ago. Do you know what it takes to perform a brain 
operation? Do you know the kind of skill it demands, and the 
years of passionate, merciless, excruciating devotion that go 
to acquire that skill? That was what I would not place at the 
disposal of men whose sole qualification to rule me was their 
capacity to spout the fraudulent generalities that got them 
elected to the privilege of enforcing their wishes at the point 
of a gun...' "   Read the rest: www.tiny.cc/MorrisAR

Free market and Objectivist groups, sites and podcasts

*** Groups which meet in Manhattan ***
Ayn Rand NY Tours -- www.tiny.cc/ToursRand
Gotham Tea Party -- www.tiny.cc/GothamTea (suspended?)
Manhattan Libertarian Party -- www.manhattanLP.org
NYC Ayn Rand Meetup -- www.meetup.com/AynRand-8
NYC Junto -- www.NYCjunto.org    
NY Objectivists/NY Heroes --
    www.tiny.cc/NYheroesObj and www.meetup.com/nyheroes

*** Sites to visit ***
Aristos: An Online Review of the Arts -- www.aristos.org
"Atlas" in your life -- www.Fountainheadinstitute.com
Ayn Rand Institute -- www.AynRand.org
Ayn Rand Lexicon -- www.AynRandLexicon.com
Center for Industrial Progress -- www.tiny.cc/indProgress
Cato Institute -- www.cato.org
education blog -- www.LiberatingEducation.blogspot.com
Forum for Ayn Rand fans -- www.forums.4aynRandFans.com
Institute for Justice -- www.ij.org
Libertarianism introduction from Cato -- www.Libertarianism.org
Liberty Magazine -- www.tiny.cc/LibertyMag
Ludwig Von Mises Institute -- www.mises.org
News Sandwich from Amy Peikoff -- www.tiny.cc/NewsS
Objectivism Online -- www.objectivismOnline.com
Powell History -- www.tiny.cc/PowellHistory
Powell history courses -- www.HistoryAtOurHouse.com
Real Clear Politics -- www.RealClearPolitics.com
Rebirth of Reason -- www.RebirthOfReason.com
Sense of Life Objectivists -- www.soloPassion.com
The Atlasphere -- www.theAtlasphere.com
The Atlas Society -- www.AtlasSociety.org
The College of the United States -- www.rifinst.org
The Objective Standard -- www.theObjectiveStandard.com
The Objective Standard's Blog -- www.tiny.cc/blogTOS
The Tracinski Letter -- www.tracinskiLetter.com
Tracinski at The Federalist  --www.tiny.cc/FedTra

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* "Don't let it go unheard" Amy Peikoff's discussion
of news and politics from the perspective of Ayn Rand's
philosophy Objectivism.
    Bosch Fawstin, illusWriter is usually on the show. Visit his
site to see his clever and dramatic work: www.tiny.cc/BoschF
    Robert Begley, a Junto regular, often calls in live.
    Live Fri. 3:00pm to 5:00pm eastern time

* "Philosophy in action" Diana Heish answer questions on
positive change in Islam, self-esteem and appearance, rational
suicide, deep-down atheism and more.
    Live Sun. Q&As: 11:00am eastern time
    Live Wed. Interviews: 9:00pm eastern time

* "The Peikoff podcasts"
Alternate weeks have Leonard Peikoff, philosopher,
Ayn Rand's intellectual heir
Yaron Brook, CEO, Ayn Rand Institute.
    Leonard answers questions about Ayn Rand's philosophy
Objectivism. He focuses on human relationships, career, moral
issues -- not technical philosophy or practical politics.
    Yaron answers questions on politics, economics,
foreign policy.
    Podcasts available by topic, single questions or full episodes.

* "Objectively speaking" (The Arshak and Andy Show)
Arshak Benlian and Andrew Bernstein discuss current events
and timeless themes related to politics and culture from the
perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism:
    No new show, listen to older ones: www.tiny.cc/ArshakAndy

* " 'Atlas Shrugged' out loud" Arshak Benlian's detailed,
scene by scene, study of Ayn Rand's epic novel.
    No new shows, listen to older ones: www.tiny.cc/StudyAtlas

Fred Cookinham's five Ayn Rand walking tours
* "Atlas Shrugged"
* Ayn Rand's Park Ave.
* Skyscrapers of ''The Fountainhead''
* Ayn Rand on Broadway
* Ayn Rand Fifth Ave.    
Scheduled tours $20, over 65 yr. old $15. Private tours $30.
To arrange for your private tour or for more information, call
Fred at home: 718-397-9019 or on his cell: 917-607-9019 or
email him: fcookinham [at] juno.com
    Fred's tours get better because he never stops researching.
''What I have learned from a lifetime of studying Ayn Rand."
    He's often at Junto and Ayn Rand Meetups. He gave his
''Ayn Rand and Free Market Tour'' for Mont Pelerin Society.

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